Lindley is a specialized company in the manufacture and supply of floating solutions for marinas and harbours.

Floating Equipment

  • Floating Breakwaters and pontoons in reinforced concrete
  • Floating pontoons in galvanized steel, marine grade aluminium, reinforced nordic pine
  • Access bridges and control gates
  • Electricity, water and emergency service pedestals
  • Pom-out systems
  • Fixing and mooring systems (pile and wall guides, radius arms, chains and sinkers)
  • Balizamar, Guia and special buoys
  • Towers, beacons and lights
  • Installation and technical assistance
  • Maintenance contracts

Lindley is focused on the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of floating solutions for marinas and harbours. It provides a wide range of flexible and modular floating piers with specific characteristics for each application and location.

The experience gained over many years, a highly technical staff, and a close collaboration with customers and suppliers, make Lindley a company with a unique characteristics, offering a wide and flexible range of solutions, products and services.